Updates – May 2020

Recent updates to this site include the texts of several of my published essays (mostly and journal articles and chapters for edited books) and presentations that I’ve given at conferences, symposia and research forums. This includes the full text, references and a video of my latest presentation, which was on the batida (electronic dance music) […]

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New publication on Bruce Springsteen’s recent autobiographical projects

My article ‘Brilliant Disguises: Persona, Autobiography and the Magic of Retrospection in Bruce Springsteen’s Late Career’ has been published in the new issue of the open access journal Persona Studies, a themed issue on ‘Music and Persona’ edited by Charles Fairchild and David Marshall. Abstract Popular musicians with long careers provide rich source material for […]

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Upcoming Presentation: ‘Navigating Bruce Springsteen’s sonic persona in the Born to Run audiobook’

I’ll be presenting new work on Bruce Springsteen’s audiobook Born to Run at the inaugural International Persona Studies Conference, which takes place at Newcastle University on the 25th and 26th of June. This work relates to an article I’ve written on Born to Run (the book and audiobook) and Springsteen on Broadway, due to be […]

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Site updates

As of late May 2019, I am making a number of updates to this site. I want to provide clearer access to, and information about, the various projects I’m currently working on and have been involved with in the past. I also want to post various kinds of resources connected to these projects and to […]

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New publication: Sounding Out Popular Music History

I’ve contributed a chapter to the newly published Routledge Companion to Popular Music History and Heritage, edited by Sarah Baker, Catherine Strong, Lauren Istvandity and Zelmarie Cantillon. My chapter is entitled ‘Sounding Out Popular Music HIstory: A Musicological Approach’. SUMMARY: While the relationship between musicology and history has shifted considerably over time, the importance of […]

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