New book – DJs do Guetto

My book DJs do Guetto has now been published by Bloomsbury Academic as part of the 33 1/3 Europe series. The book uses the 2006 compilation DJs do Guetto as a prism for exploring the aesthetics of the Lisbon-based electronic dance music (EDM) known as batida from its roots in Lusophone Africa, through its evolution in the immigrant communities of Lisbon and its journey from there to the world via artists such as DJ Marfox, DJ Nervoso and Nídia. The story is one of encounters: between people, sounds, neighborhoods, technologies and cultural contexts. Drawing on reflections by DJ Marfox and others, the book establishes DJs do Guetto as a foundation stone not only for a burgeoning music scene, but also for a newfound sense of pride in a place and a community.

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