Upcoming keynote lecture: ‘Familiar Futures, Strange Pasts’

I have been invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the thirteenth conference of SIBE (Sociedad de Etnomusicología), which is taking place in Cuenca, Spain from the 23rd to the 25th October. The title of my talk is 'Familiar Futures, Strange Pasts: Popular Music and the Art of Storytelling'. This lecture engages with aspects of… Continue reading Upcoming keynote lecture: ‘Familiar Futures, Strange Pasts’

Upcoming talk: Won’t You Spare Me Over Til Another Year?

'Won't You Spare Me Over Til Another Year?: Age, Death and Deferral in Old-Time Music'I'll be presenting current work as part of the Research in Progress series at the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex, on Wednesday 26 February at 4pm. Details here. In this talk I'll present material from the book… Continue reading Upcoming talk: Won’t You Spare Me Over Til Another Year?


Dust is what connects the dreams of yesteryear with the touch of nowadays. It is the aftermath of the collapse of illusions, a powdery cloud that rises abruptly and then begins fallingon things, gently covering theirbright, polished surfaces ... Dust makes plapable the elusive passing ot ime, the infinite pulverized particles that constitute its volatile… Continue reading dust