Upcoming keynote lecture: ‘Familiar Futures, Strange Pasts’

I have been invited to deliver a keynote lecture at the thirteenth conference of SIBE (Sociedad de Etnomusicología), which is taking place in Cuenca, Spain from the 23rd to the 25th October. The title of my talk is 'Familiar Futures, Strange Pasts: Popular Music and the Art of Storytelling'. This lecture engages with aspects of… Continue reading Upcoming keynote lecture: ‘Familiar Futures, Strange Pasts’

Popular music and the politics of authenticity

The Polish journalist Mariusz Herma has written to tell me that our email conversation about popular music and authenticity has contributed towards a piece he wrote for an end-of-year summary in Polityka (in Polish). He has also translated our whole exchange into Polish on his blog. Unfortunately, my language skills aren't up to comprehending the… Continue reading Popular music and the politics of authenticity