Site updates

As of late May 2019, I am making a number of updates to this site. I want to provide clearer access to, and information about, the various projects I’m currently working on and have been involved with in the past. I also want to post various kinds of resources connected to these projects and to the courses I teach. I’m retiring the site theme which I’ve been using for the last few years (illustrated here for posterity) and opting for a cleaner, hopefully clearer template.

The new site will place emphasis on projects and resources. Projects mostly relate to my published research, while resources mostly relate to my teaching, but there is considerable overlap between these areas (as there should be). ‘Global Pop’, for example, is a course I have been teaching for some years and is mostly a list of resources, but it is also an ongoing research project leading to a planned book (but not with that title as that’s been done!). If anything, the resources represent the kinds of things I am frequently asked for by students—readings about particular topics, mostly, but also other materials. I’m currently planning on including the following:


  • The Sound of Nonsense
  • The Late Voice
  • Nina Simone: So Transported
  • The Place of Longing
  • Global Pop
  • Objects / Materialities of Song
  • Sound Studies


  • Popular Music and Authenticity
  • Popular Music and Ageing
  • Popular Music and Media
  • Simone Studies

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