Songs and Objects podcast

I am working on a podcast that explores the materiality of song. I’ve created it to accompany a research project I have been working on for some years now and which I hope to turn into a book in the future. The podcast is called Songs and Objects and the first five episodes are available now on several platforms, including Spotify, Anchor, Apple, Google and SoundCloud. I’ve added a podcast page to this site too which contains all episodes and links to additional content (playlists, lists of sources).

The episodes available so far are:

Episode 1 – Foolish Things (little things and how songs relate to objects)
Episode 2 – The Things We’re Made Of (objects in the songs of Mary Chapin Carpenter)
Episode 3 – Nightsticks, Water Cannons, Tear Gas, Padlocks: The Musicality of Lists
Episode 4 – Richard Dawson’s Object-Oriented Songcraft
Episode 5 – ‘Maybe This Thing Was a Masterpiece’ (objects in the songs of Taylor Swift)

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